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so yeah i see i haven't uploaded anything in like 4 fucking years! O.O
i need to fix that. i've been doing a lot more traditional painting in the past few years. most of the pictures of my paintings were taken with my phone, so...yeah. batman.
anyway, i haven't finished most of them yay ADHD!
but i shall upload the pics none the less.
i'm back!
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so yeah i finaly remembered how to update the journal here...been scatterbrained as of late! thinks it has somethin to do with thot thar age

so yeah my painting sold at the body pays attention though.....cunts :)

ahoy matey this ship has sailed!
ok perverts creeps and weirdo's!
november 1st i will have the first public showing of my a way.....
a local Cleveland gallery (spaces) is holding their annual Mabmo Muerto fund raiser auction on november 1st
and i will have a piece in the auction!
now for the bad news........

it has to be in tomorrow!
and it it's an oil painting that isn't dry yet!
though i'm going to have to call and make other arrangements to drop it off on friday i should be dry by then -crosses fingers-
so yeah for the like two friggin people that MAY read this and pay attention to anything i do....ummm..yeah...

yay me!
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so yeah i get on to check messages/watches
and was caught off guard by some wicked evil kung-fu...i decided to investigate...while listening to some moonspell and my dying bride
wow...i was VERY impressed by all the horror/macabre work that lies 'neath the veil of DA
i favorited SO much shit tonight...and no...i'm not done yet!

your kung-fu is beyond mine! rock the fuck out!
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sooooo some of you may have noticed (yeah right) that i've not been titling my recent photography works...there IS a reason...

i recently read a "snippit" article thinggy...about a photographer who doesn't title his work...he says because it is up to the viewer to discern their own title and subject matter

i was completely in love with that notion as soon as i read that....and boom...i've dropped titles from my works
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so yay!..for christmas i got gift cards to best camera bitches!...ok's not a nice shiney SLR like i wanted but ya know
going from 1.3MP to 8..isn't fuckin bad!
it also has a threaded lens for filters/adapters (i just orded a neutral depth and a polorized filter! :D )
also has a hot shoe...AND (i didn't know this until i opened the box) a jack for plugging in external flash units...but...i think i'm going to buy some daylight balanced high output CFL's and go with a constant lighting rig..that way i can set the shadows and whatnot, the way i want..instead of having to hope the flash comes out the way i want...fuck all that
i just need to get me some money! >.<

but yeah...i wanna start shooting pinups/fetish/bondage type stuff
best way i can describe my visions are playboy meets fetish.....
nice glamour type nudes but with "alternative" styled models
i'm not a big fan of the "industrial" (and SO overused) backgrounds
i like elegance..and that will reflect in my photo's
silk...drapery...richly patterned furniture...things of that nature
but again..need money
i have a place to shoot..only real furniture though is a black leather sofa...but that's not so bad..still lend's an air of elegance
and being an artist...i can paint my own backdrops (besides any retard can paint them)
i've had a GIANT stack of photo paper for i can actually put it to good use!
so yeah any of you models/aspiring models want to do sometfp/tfcd work let me know
might help if you lived fairly close too..heh

oh yeah...i'll probably be setting up a seperate DA account for my photography studio stuff
i'll keep you all (maybe two people that read this thing) updated on that front
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  • Reading: the words i type
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yeah..went on a little hiatus for a bit...haven't been doing much art stuff anyway...been working on other art forms.....mostly best friend and former music partner is moving back to gearin up to make new music to rip y'alls faces off!...and...stuff
i'll be painting again shortly though...been working on figuring out the subsurface scattering in lightwave 9
sorry to those who commented and such..and i've yet to get back to you...will do that here in a minute
for those who don't know....
oil paint does not..i repeat DOES NOT come off with thinner once dried! :|
my painting "Demonjess" i've been working on...i decided i'd glaze over what i have painted already...with acrylic glaze....then paint the background all willy nilly...then remove any paint over her a controlled fashion after it had dried
WRONG! yeah..i had to alter some shadows...repaint most of the hair..and maybe over do it a bit with the highlights all to cover up the damn dried paint....but i must say...the painting is still looking best as of yet!
a nice deep rich alizarin crimson background that looks like's so exquisite!...i'll take a picture later today..maybe....if i feel motivated enough
yanno i have to say...i've seen alot of good stock her eon DA...i've seen alot of crap too....
but the thing that pisses me off most is when they say
"you can use my stock but not for commercial purposes"
yanno i'm i'm not...
but if i sit and paint your fucking picture for DAYS....
you tell me i'm not supposed to make a profit from that if i want to?
FUCK YOU...that's some byullshyit!
then again there's some GREAT stock photo's on here..and they tell you to go ahead..use my stock for whatever you those people..ROCK
i can understand if people are gearing that statement more towards photomanipulators....but like i said..if i'm gonna sit here and paint a picture for days..even weeks...eatmyfuck i'm GOING to make a profit from it!
ok so i just uploaded my order in chaos series..opus#1
this is somewhat of an absract concept..designing with light...i dunno
i did it like a year or two ago
it's all filters...glitterato, twist, swerve..layerd...a few different things
so it's time for a cleaning...i'm deleting some of my old pictures and stuff....just because i don't wan't them up for one reason or another....if you have a problem with this TFB :D

anyone who wants an update...
i've been in contact with some models and such and have been working on paintings in photoshop as well as some traditional paintings of them...i want to have around 15-20 paintings in my "portfolio" before i set out for the sci-fi/horror/fantasy convention circuit....i've only about 4-5 peices so've a way to go as of yet...but all is well...for i need money to go to conventions and i'm trying to do that too

for anyone interested....i plan on having some of these fetish/bondage/goth models come to the booth at the convention with me and sign some autographs and attention kids....i'll keep you up to date as to where i will be and when in the future :D
for anyone who gives a flaming rats ass in the dead middle of winter...-looks around...hears crickets chirping-...ehh anyway...recently i've found myself moving away from my 3d art and digital stuff...and working with real paints and stuff...i've picked up the brush and airbrush again..and delved into the realm of real painting....with the news that my dear princess will soon be going away...i no longer have the desire to sit for hours upon hours in front of this work will be dealing with bondage and fetish pinups...also more fantasy type "creature" pinups...and maybe a few wildlife paintings here and there....i've also decided i'm going to try and start going to some sci-fi/horror/comic conventions..and possibly selling my art....i think that would be a great way to get some money..and do what i love doing...right now i can't find my fucking you'll have to wait before you see any of my new stuff...i will continue to do 3d stuff..of this i'm sure...i love 3d...but yeah....i think the digital painting stuff will go bye bye...anyway....i'm uploading one last digital painting i did...umm..yeah...ciao
well anyone who follows metal knows that on wednesday night a great musician was taken from us...i of course refer to Darrell Abbott a.k.a Dimebag Darrell...this is a tragic loss to the metal community..and his abscence will be greatly felt for years to come...i had been planning on a little series of pictures to do...honoring my fallen hero's...stevie ray vaughn, randy rhoades, chuck schuldiner, and now..the tragic loss of dimebag...i think now i will begin on this venture to honor the heart goes out to vinnie paul, darrells brother and drummer for pantera and damageplan...i cannot fathom the horror he experienced watching his brother get murdered right in front of him..this indeed is a dark time for metal..the only positive sidenote i can see from this attrocity is that dime atleast died doing what he loved most....ROCKIN OUT LIKE THE BAD MOTHER FUCKER HE IS!!!
-blazes one for Dime-
i've come to somewhat of a descision about my recent space art...i'm going to start educating people about what they are seeing
explaining what is going on...maybe what caused it...or what will happen..etc. etc.
because maybe i can spark someones interest in astrophysics..astronomy..or even science in general

good day
i'm wondering if there's anyone out there willing to hook me up with a DA prints account? i usualy don't ask people for anything because i like to think i can take care of myself..heh...but hey shit happens right? if anyone would do this for me i'd be more than willing to hook you up with say 3 free prints no matter how much i'm charging :D or maybe i can do some 3d stuff for you or something i dunno...i just REALLY want to make my art available in print because for now..everything is an "intangible" medium and i really kind of hate is meant to be seen and felt, EXPERIANCED....not looked at on some computer screen...-rambles on aimlessly-
new Deicide album out there kiddies...go get it unless you're too pussified and brainwashed my the christian pigs
i've noticed i have a few people watching me and for some reason i wasn't watching them...hmmm....well i am i've come to a little descision....after being on DA for like what over a year?...and watching ohhh...i dunno 20-30 people....i've decided to take almost everyone off my devwatch....unless they're watching me...with a FEW exceptions....why?...cuz i felt like being a dick! :D...i figure the LEAST these people could do is add me to THEIR devwatch....but no...ehh fuck it :|
yay! i found some of old photo' i took at the cleveland museum of art and  a series i actually finished!'s called "darkness through the mirror shades" it's a symetrical thing...i'll be uploading them soon :D